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Wrap top with kimono sleeves and bluebell print Ted BakerTed Baker

A reusable mouthguard is easy to sew yourself. But does it really keep dust, allergens and pathogens away? Here you can find out when the protective mask makes sense.

Sewing utensil silos ✓ detailed step-by-step sewing instructions with photos ✓ without complicated sewing patterns ✓ super easy to sew ✓ ideal for beginners

Olymp Level Five knit turtleneck, body fit, silver gray, xxl olympymp

Sweater, Alba Moda Alba ModaAlba Moda

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Art Deco

Display | Make your own sleeve pattern | Create cut | Pattern construction | design for existing pattern on it | Basic construction | patternmaking | Sewing | Minus width | Jersey shirt dress top body jacket | Cardigan | change | customize | DIY | Sewing instructions | Instructions step by step | Dresses | Women | Create summer dress pattern

Black Blood Witchboard T-shirt

Sweet summer dresses made of thin muslin fabric in different colors ☀️ – even if the shop is closed – just drop in online ?

Knitting instructions Mareminde by oceanandyarn / The legend of the "Eckernförder Nixe" is about Mareminde, who neglected her duties, was punished, freed herself and again showed in the light of the sun. With this cloth you will not be punished. You will receive a wonderful cloth in beautiful colors. The original was knitted from hand-dyed merino wool by cowgirl blues – a small wool label from South Africa.


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